Welcome to the Dave Gallup Foundation.

The Dave Gallup Foundation supports the TC Recovery house, and all other sober living houses, where recovering individuals can experience a supportive family like atmosphere that allows them to heal emotionally and change their lifestyles and self identities.

Our Supported Sober living home helps individuals maintain a sober lifestyle by providing an environment that supports and promotes a life of recovery.

We believe Recovery is strengthened by people who believe in their ability to recover...family members, peers, treatment providers, community members and other allies who form vital support networks.

Our Vision of Recovery

We believe Recovery emcompasses a persons whole life, mind, body, spirit and community.

We believe Recovery is a process of change through which individuals improve their health & wellness, live self-directed lives and strive to reach their full potential.

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Recovery is Possible

The Dave Gallup Foundation plays an important role in supporting early and continued recovery from drug or alcohol abuse.

Our sover livnig home helps women maintain a sober life style by providing an enviroment that supports and promotes a life of recovery.

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Our Therapeutic Community

The Gave Gallup Foundation is a Modified Therapeutic Community within a Sober and Supported Living Environment.

The Therapeutic Comminity modality engages the whole person in the recovery process and challenges them to have a full positive life.

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How You Can Help!

Helping people in your community recover and acheive independence from addiction.